Steering wheel shakes


My steering wheel vibrates when I stop or when i turn on the AC


Does anybody know what’s the cause. i have checked, the engine mounts and they are in good condition. What might be the cause?


Check the brake rotors to see if they are warped or if a front tire has a broken belt inside of it. Not much info so its hard to tell.

A/C is not related.


“Check the brake rotors to see if they are warped or if a front tire has a broken belt inside of it”

The OP stated that the vibration is felt when the car is stopped and/or when the A/C is turned on.
What could warped rotors or a bad tire possibly have to do with that situation?

My best guess would have been broken motor mounts, but if that possibility has already been ruled-out, all I can suggest is to think in terms of maintenance, specifically when the spark plugs were last replaced. That may not be the solution, but I think that it is more likely in this situation than a rotor or tire problem.


I too am wondering when the last spark plug change was.
I’m also wondering of the OP has a CEL,
and whether he’s looked under the hood at the oil and fluid levels,
and the year, model, and mileage of the vehicle,
And if it’s a Toyota,
and whether there are any other symptoms,
and whether it’s burning oil,
or using/losing coolant,
or been overheated.

C’mon Toyotaman, give us something to work with here.


“My steering wheel vibrates when I stop …”

This could mean the steering wheel shakes as the driver stops the car. The brake rotor could be the reason.


@VDCdriver Since the OP gave very little info I thought he meant when the vehicle was in the process of stopping.


I wasn’t sure myself. So I “weighed” my interpretation with the AC comment. Hopefully the OP’ll post back.


Sounds like the idle speed is dropping too low. That could be caused by any one of a number of things; or maybe more than one.

There would need to be a lot of info provided to even start narrowing the guessing down to a manageable number.