Vibration up front

My Toyota Tacoma front end/steering wheel vibrates when braking. Especially noticable downhills @ 30/40mph. Its a two wheel drive,not 4. I put on NEW rotors. No change. I jacked it up and lifted the tires a bit to check front susp.& balls and steering, and that appeared ok. Anyone have anything in mind?

I’ve searched our site, but discussions usually come up with rotors. Thanks.

Did you actually put on the brand new rotors with your own hands? I had a shop once that tried to put somebody else’s old rotors on my car and tell me they were new! I trust brake shops less than I trust Quicky Lube shops LOL.

Yes. I had previously had both a tire shop, then a Toyota dealer work on them. I had been replacing every 6 months. Then I just had them cut the last time and decided that this time I’d do the work, just in case. There was a high spot on the one’s I replaced, slight rub, so I put on new vented rotors (oem)myself. Still vibrates thru steering upon braking. So now I’m at a loss of my next step. Your experience deserves a note of whom that mechanic was to be posted here! Glad you caught him!

how many miles between brake jobs? how many miles on tires.

have you rotated the tires front to back?

that would help eliminate tire separation as a contributing factor too.

have you hit any BIG potholes lately?

Hi and thank you. Usually about 3-6 months between the symptoms and that’s less than 6k each time. They’ve either changed rotors or when I got dollar frustrated, I had them cut 'em to see if it would clear it up, and each time it did stop the vibration in the steering wheel upon braking. I have rotated tires. No big potholes nor emergency slams on brakes to heat them up either. The rotors on there now are less than 2 weeks old and the pads are in great shape. The vibration in the steering upon braking did not change this time with the new rotors. A friend suggested that I have ABS issues?

If your ABS is activating, you would definitely feel it in the brake pedal. If the brake pedal is not pulsing rapidly, then I think that you can rule out the ABS.

How many miles on the truck?

Guys…this just in…tire shop says my newly installed rotors, that I did myself, were severely warped…
is this possible? Brand new, out of the box. Shop says possibly warped when I put lug nuts back on…I used a pneumatic driver…lugs on loosely, then tightened in opposite formation…any thoughts how this happened? Sound feasible???