Steering wheel vibration when braking

I have a motor home on a Ford E350 chassis. When braking the steering wheel may shake back and forth. It stops as soon as the brake pedal is released. If stopping with minimal brake pressure there is no shake and the shake gets stronger as the brake pressure is increased. What are the possible causes of this problem?

Have someone check the condition of the Rotors or brake drums.  Expect to at lease need a resurfaceing.

Same comment as JosephEMeehan above. Check the front rotors. I have a 2003 Toyota RAV4 and I recently had my mechanic check the brakes. He said that the front rotors are a “little squirrelly” he asked if I felt vibration, which I have not. When I asked how long I could drive it before I should have them replaced, he said that it was fine until the vibration becomes too much. He said that "They will tell me when they need to be replaced.

Warped rotors could be ony part of the problem. One of your calipers may be unable to slide back and forth. This could transmit to the steering wheel and make it turn back and forth. Maybe the rotors are the only problem and I’m just trying to dream up some good complications…

I should have also mentioned that I can feel a bit of pulsing on the brake pedal. Does that indicate possibly something different? Or does is just confirm what has been suggested as likely causes?

Has it been sitting a long time ? You may be lucky and just have rusting and light braking will wear it smooth…i doubt it. Chances are though, it’s a rotor problem, you will need to have it serviced.

If your brake pedal is kicking, that is not okay. A mechanic needs to do a thorough brake inspection which includes measuring rotor runout.

Brake pedal pulsing is from the warped rotors. It doesn’t mean anything else usually so don’t worry too much. The other stuff I mentioned is cheap anyway.

Yep, brake rotors are warped.