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Vibration in 2002 Dodge Ram

Vehicle: 2002 Ram Quad Cab 1500 4.7L 5-speed. 54,000 miles. New tires. New U-joints. Original brakes & pads.

This issue that I’m having is that there is a vibration. I think it is always there, but it is most specifically between 28 and 32, peaking at 30 mph. If it is cold outside, then this range may shift down a bit. When I had a 500 pound load in the bed, the peak shifted up to 35 mph.

It was there before I got new tires, and before I changed the u-joints. It actually led me to change the u-joints (found that one had burst its seal.) If I put the truck in N and roll down the street at a constant 30 mph, the vibration does not change. I think I can feel it in the brake pedal when I slow down, but am not positive.

Possibilities that I’m considering: warped disc brake rotors, carrier bearing for the drive shaft (it is a 2-part drive shaft), and bad u-joint installation.

I’m trying to diagnose a similar problem; vibration at 35, then again at 69 mph. Have you come up with any solutions?

No, but I think it got worse after I installed new u-joints, so I’m curious if it is that the left-right alignment of the 2-piece driveshaft is off. I want to check it, but the heat index here is around 115-120, so I’m waiting either for a cool morning when I’m off work, or winter. :slight_smile: