2002 Dodge Ram Van sways all over the road

2002 dodge ram 3500 van drift/sways all over road. Only 32000 mile

does it sway back and forth of pull to one side. if just to one side i would check the alignment or a tire could be low on air. if its back and forth check the sway bar bushings and sway bar links, they tend to go bad. also check the tie rods. just some thoughts.


I hope you are not running the 19 year old tires on this vehicle.

People complained about that when these vans were new, the steering gear boxes are not very precise, plus with a little wear you get more play in the steering and you feel like you are always correcting to stay centered in your lane.

the van is 20 years old and it has only 32000 miles ? Has it been sitting in a barn somewhere?.
Could be anything . I had 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 conversion van and it could be all over the
road specially when it was windy out . I finally changed the shocks all the way around and it helped a lot but you will have to have someone check and see what shape they are in ?

Yeah, shocks is my guess, maybe get a set of heavy duty ones, rougher ride, but better control.

Unless there are worn suspension parts - has it always done this?

A broken sway bar link would be my guess from afar.

I have had broken sway bar links, and think that is not the problem. An alignment specialist should be able to sort it out.

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A close friend had that exact problem with his Explorer, and the cause was a broken sway bar link.

Admittedly, that was a different model, and–as usual–we can only speculate via cyberspace, so… Quien sabe?


Check tire pressure. It should be high pressure so check the sticker.

I also wonder about age of tires. When were they replaced? If ever.

A 3500 should have heavy duty tires. If they have been replaced with lower load rated tires with lower maximum tire pressure than specified by Dodge and the OP is staying at that lower pressure, sway will ensue.