1998 Dodge Ram with a vibration

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500, 4WD, extended cab, short bed. It vibrates at all speeds. My local mechanic, who is awesome, has had a nervous breakdown, because he has, “…never met a vehicle he couldn’t fix.”

So far, we have:

- Replaced out of round tires

- Balanced and rotated

- Replaced a bent wheel

- Replaced a bent rear axle

- Replaced a manky rear pumpkin

- Replaced the steering damper

- Replaced the control bar

- Spun the drive shaft at a tuner shop up to 4,000 RPMs ? It?s balanced

- Replaced a rotten water pump

With all of the maintenance, it drives like it did when it was new, except, of course, for the vibration.



What engine do you have,and what is a “manky” rear pumpkin?

Also- does it have to be moving to vibrate and if so what speed or rpm?

manky pmpkin - Rear differential had some damaged teeth and skipped occasionally. It was replaced.

It vibrates at all speeds, and not when stationary. The vibration becomes more pronounced at higher speeds.

Check the pinion angle and the U joints.

I knew there was some stuff I left off of the list:

  • Replaced a bad U-Joint (and checked all of them)
  • Replaced all worn or suspect bushings
  • Pinion angle was checked before and after they pulled the drive shaft to check it at the tuner shop.


Is this Ram lifted? If so by how much?