Vibration at 45 to 65 mph

I have a 2009 Ram 2500 HD 4x4 with a hemi, It has a vibration that starts around 45mph, I have changed the u joints in the drive shaft and the front axles. Still there, new brakes and it’s still there,even while I am coasting in neutral from a higher speed back down to 55 the truck still has the vibration. I have put it into 4 wheel drive and it doesn’t change a thing. I am open to new thoughts on what may be causing this,

Vibrations are often caused by tires. Make sure all your tires are balanced properly. That’s relatively inexpensive. The fact that it happens at a certain speed range gives a strong indication you may have TIRE problems.

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I would add the suggestion to find a shop that has a “road force balancing” machine. They’ll detect anomalies that regular spin balancers won’t, and they do a much better job of balancing.

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Bill, The Fact That The “Vibration” Is In That Range And That It Does It Coasting In Neutral, Does Make It Seem Like A Classic Wheel/Tire Balance Problem.

Where do you feel the vibration, in the steering wheel, through the seat, or can you tell?
Any additional noise in conjunction with the vibration range?


Vibration that continues in neutral can also come from the driveshaft/ujoint/carrier bearing system. I know this from personal experience. See my post entitled “Shop can’t balance drive shaft” and the replies to it in this “Repair and Maintenance” category to see what worked for me.