Vibration at 65+ mph -- dealer says tires are good



My 2001 Camry has 4 new tires which were balanced, aligned. Recent service had the car running beautifully at 125K miles. Last week I hit a curb with the left rear wheel while entering a highway. Immediately, there was a shimmy around 65 mph. I brought the car to the tire dealer, who says that they are still balanced and undamaged. If not the tire(s), what else might cause this shimmy?


A bent rim can cause the problem too.


A bent rim can cause the problem too.


You may have bent a wheel or knocked the rear suspension out of alignment.


rotate the tires. that way you will tell if the shimmy migrates to the front, or stays on the back.

if the shimmy moves its the bent rim theory.

if the shimmy stays its the rear alignment.

then again, it may be a combination of the two, but the rotate is the first way to decode the problem.