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Vibration after three motor mounts replaced


I have an '05 Dodge Neon SXT (4.0) with 113,000 miles on it. A few days ago, I had three cracked motor mounts replaced. However, I’m experiencing an increased amount of vibration when the engine is idle. I’ve had the timing beld, the accessory belt, water pump and valve replaced within the last year. I also recently had a coolant flush and an oil change. I was told that the timing belt cover is broken and I intend to have that fixed in the near future. However, I do not believe the timing belt cover is the cause of the vibration since it was broken and did not cause vibration before the motor mounts were replaced. Any ideas as to why I having the vibration?

I don’t know much about Neons but are they OEM motormounts? On other cars I’ve seen replacement urethane motormounts increase vibration.

Often overlooked when replacing engine mounts or timing belt on a 2000-2005 Neon is correctly adjusting the position of the torque strut mounts. The upper torque strut mount position must be set to specific measurement with a bit of a preload on the strut mounts.