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Wheel of my 2001 neon vibrating at stop light


3 nonths ago I had tranmission cooling lines replaced and by the same tocken changed the 3 motor monts plus timing belt on my 2001 Neon ( $1200) the after theese repairs the wheel vibrats at stop light and I started to put it in neutral to stop it then a week ago the transmission gave up on me. I just replaced it for 1700 and the wheel is still vibrating. Why could cause that? The car has 123000 Miles

The mecanic said because the load is making do that. Well it did not do that before. I am afarid the tranmission will go again

What happens if you give it just a little throttle to up the RPMs just a little?

I suspect something related to those new motor mounts. They may be of poor quality or perhaps of different material than the original mounts and so damp the vibration of the motor less.

But you may also have an issue with how well the car is running - e.g. something rough about the idle that is producing more vibration than it should.