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2003 dodge neon

hi there, when im at a stoplight my car seems to vibrate and idle kinda rough, but when i put in nuetral or park it does not do it that much any ideas…

How Many Miles On This Neon ? Has It Always Been Like This Since You’ve Owned It Or Is This A New Development ? Is All The Maintenance Up To Date On The Vehicle ?


Idea: engine/transmission mount(s)

Break out that owner’s manual and find out what maintenance is overdue. Spark plugs & wires, filters, etc. would be the place to start with a rough idle (unless you do just have a bad mount). Pay attention to both time and mileage when you think about the maintenance.

Is the check engine light on?

i t has 90,000 miles i did spark plug change in may of 07 changed plugs, changed upper lower toug sturt mount 2 weeks a go keep up with everything…new 4 tires also new brakes a month ago…it does drive smooth though…