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Vibration After Engine Replacement on 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

Just had engine replaced by dealership due to oil plug coming out on highway and subsequent engine damage (their fault).
As soon I picked it up, felt left to right vibration going from front to back during acceleration.
Took it back to dealership.
They balanced/rotated tires and checked alignment (they said within specs).
Still feeling vibration and so did technican who rode with me.
The seervice advisor pulls me over and said that per the “Honda Master Mechanic” they spoke to via phone, vibration is being caused by engine timing not being correct because, being it it had to be reset, the computer needs 500 miles to set it correctly.
Does this sound like bull to you to?
Any suggestions on else they should check?
I’m thinking damaged strut when they dropped front end to instal engine or motor mount.

Big time BS! I would not drive it till they find the cause and fix it.

The engine was replaced with what; a new engine, remanufactured, or a salvage yard unit? If the latter, maybe that engine has a problem and the vibration is due to that rather than a chassis fault.

The 500 miles thing sounds like the brush-off treatment has begun. They left the drain plug loose and you’re supposed to trust them?

They claim new engine, but who knows…