Shaky 98 Honda Civic Ex?


Hope someone can help. I drive a 98 Honda Civic EX 4 cylinder inline w/ a V-tech engine and 117k. I just got the transmission fluid changed out at 117k last Sat. Two weeks before that, I got my distributor replaced. Both things were done at the local Honda dealer.

The distributor replacement was recommended based on the check engine code my car’s computer put out and a diagnositc run by the Honda dealer. The transmission fluid change was just preventative maintenance.

It seems like my car is shaking a little more and more while it idles, and somewhat while I’m driving. Has anyone else experienced this with a Civic?

I got my distributor replaced because my car used to idle just above 0 rpms, and then stall at redlights - after it stalled, I could restart it and drive just fine. But once it wigged out on an out of town trip while I was actually driving! Looking at the rpms, the needle jumped up and down from 500-3000 rpms. It sputtered and acted like it was going to die any minute. So I pulled into the nearest gas station and had it towed to the dealer (ouch).

I was a pretty scary and unexpected thing for me, so even though I got that part replaced, with the shaking, I wonder if it solved the whole problem - or maybe it’s just an old car and it’s nothing unusal?

The shaking is not terrible, but I can look up and see my viser jiggle around a bit. At times, the vibration is not perceptible.

I do get regular oil changes, thou the dealer told me I have a small oil pan gasket leak. I can’t afford to fix that right now, so, I check my oil dip stick regularly.

Also, I did get a tune up and timing belt replaced two years ago when I first bought the car. That was done at a Ken Towery.

Any insight is appreciated,