Hello, I have a Toyota Corolla 2010 LE. When I’m driving, no matter how fast I drive, I feel a vibration sound. When I press brake pedal, it’s worse than driving. I recently replaced front rotors and brake pads. I also replaced whole tires a month ago.

Could you tell me what it is wrong?

Thank you,

Go back and make sure all the lug nuts are tight.


If it sat, outside, for a long time without moving, you may have rusty, warped rotors.

Different car, no difference on braking, but it turned out to be a bad wheel bearing.

Does the vibration get worse or better when coasting out of gear?

It’s getting worse when I drive more than 10 miles. And I felt more vibration when I go slow down.

Does it feel like front or rear? Can you actually hear it? Or just feel it?

The best solution is to get it to a good chassis shop for a good look-see. It could be nothing serious, but it could be a failed component (such as a tie rod end or ball joint) that’s unsafe to drive. Can’t tell from here.

Does the pedal pulse? Does the steering wheel shake? Also, could be a bent rim.

Is there any noise at the same time? A bad wheel bearing can do this, I have also seen cheap rotors do this it you brake hard often.