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Very agrivated wife grrrr!

hi yall’, Paulette from Texas here.After trading my paid for 96 camaro that ran fine, for a 96 chevy silverado v6, automatic. that from day one ran like crud.And still paying notes on. for my husband complained till i gave in. that my car was too small for him ( 6’4" )And we had no credit so my car was traded in on this piece of crap.We have thrown money out the window since, for we replaced everything him being a mechanic could think would be the problem.From little gadgets that look like overgrown fuses in the exhaust system to fuel filters on a monthly base,to computer chips and whole computer. and offcourse lets not forget the toys we had to buy to suposadly help find the problem,computer reader and books and so on.I could give you a long list.Needless to say that that truck still runs like crap.It sputters and caughs and spits and goes when it dogon feels like it.At first driving down the road at 60-70m/hr it would simply die.It has not died in a month or so but it still sounds like it ain’t getting no fuel or something and very embarasing for it runs so rough sometimes it shakes you.Hubby gave up and just drives it the way it is but i don’t trust it so i go nowhere.Someone please help for i’m 'bout to set this thing on fire!!

agrivated wife


The cause of most problems actually turns out to be something simple believe it or not.
If you want help the first thing we need to know (and it’s assumed the Check Engine Light is on) are the number(s) of any codes present.
Continuing to operate the truck with it running poorly can also cause other problems.
What about the plug wires in all of this? Have they been replaced or simply “checked”?

(Sad about the Camaro. My son has a 96 also and it’s been an outstanding vehicle. About 230k miles with no major problems at all although I will grant the argument they’re kind of tough to ride in and get out of.)

It’s up to Hubby to get his stuff together, present them to us, and ask his questions. If he doesn’t do that, it’s a social problem, which is outside our purview.

You Should Be Fix’n To Call “Dear Abby”

This problem with the truck sounds like it started way back, even before the Camaro.

Thanks for your input.I appreciate it.Yes the check engine light is always on.And as for codes it’s either 300 or 301 “random missfire” is what it reads.We have replaced all spark plugs & wires,distributor cap,throttle position censer,crank censor,map censer,cam censer,oxygen censers…4 of them. Only thing we can think of we ain’t changed that could be the problem is temperature censer.And yes it is sad about the camaro…and sorry it was not a 96 but a 97.I did not buy it for my husband though it was for me.And he decided to sell his old pick up once i got my car.And did not seem to mind it for 6 months then found the truch HE wanted.So that’s my story and i’m sticking to it…lol
Thanks again
And hope to hear from you again soon

LOL…my word you are so right.But it’sa little late now we have 'bout 6 more months to go on payments so i think there ain’t much ABBY can do for us.We have dealt with it for almost 2 years now.I wanted to return it to yard where we got it but hubby keeps telling me to be cool…But thanks for your advice.I truly appreciate it.

Well? From what you’re describing, there may be a problem with the spider assembly or fuel pump. This is what they call the fuel injection system on your engine. And here’s a link above to show what it looks like.

This fuel injection system is a high pressure system, and relies on the fuel pressure to blow open the poppet nozzles to introduce fuel into the engine. If the fuel pressure is low, it can effect on how far and how long the poppet nozzles open. If the poppet nozzles don’t open long and far enough it can cause multiple misfires.

Have the fuel pressure tested. If it’s below 63 PSI, replace the fuel pump. If the fuel pressure is within spec, then you’re problably looking at replacing the spider assembly.


Do a compression check. sounds like maybe a bad head gasket.