1999 chevy silverado


my husband and i are quite sick of this truck. hes babid the tuck and treated it gently. anyhow about a year ago it would not start. it acted like it wanted to but wouldnt. he changed the battery, put on a new starer, changed the spark plugs, did an oil change and filter, and spark plug wires. it started and ran good for about a year. now the same problem is coming back. the lights come on and it acts like it wants to start but wont. he thinks its soething fouling the spark plugs but what and what is cauing this truck to do this? can someone pease help us. we got to much money invested in it to sell and we dont want to sell the truck with the problem. email me with any suggestions. nurseloveday35@yahoo.com


someone please respond


First, have the computer checked for any stored codes.

Next, “read” the spark plugs. The Champion spark plug website has a good reference for this with comparison photos.

Third, see if you can be more specific about exactly what the truck does and does not do when he tries to start it. And about how the truck is driven…only short trips to the local store or daily mileage.

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