1998 Chevy suburban issues

My truck sputters and delays sometimes when I drive it. After it has been sitting for several hours it runs this way unless I let it idle for 20-30 minutes. I have added a water remover, changed spark plugs, wire , distibutor cap, ignition coil, fuel filter. The problem still lingers on. I thought it was related to water in the fuel so I tried a couple products, one worked the others didnt seem to do anything. The one that did work did so for about a week and I didnt have to let the truck idle before I could drive it. I had the engine tested and it gave a code that reflected a misfire on cylinder 6. I also know someone else with a suburban who told me they are having the same problem. I wonder if it could be the fuel pump or clogged injectors.

Which engine? Size? You changed #6 spark plug and wire. How about the ignition coil? Compression check on #6?

5.7 ltr. vortec and as stated the ignition coil was changed also. thank you for responding… No compression check has been done to the best of my knowledge. The mechanic told me there is a good chance it may be the fuel injectors or pump… both expensive to fix.

Chevrolet does have a injector test procedure and recommends injector cleaning for injectors that fail the test. GM also recommens always using Top Teir gasoline,have you been using Top Teir gasoline?

Does your mechanic have, and use, a fuel pressure test gauge? How else would one know if the fuel pressure were correct?
When the engine ran well, had you used Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner? It gets kudos from many.
Your truck could use a more aggressive fuel injector cleaner, and cleaning. 3M has one that is fed, full strength, to the fuel injectors.
Chevrolet advocates doing an intake tract, and MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor cleaning on high mileage, poor running vehicles. Use Throttle Body Cleaner, and MAF Cleaner for this.