Chevy venture coolant temp?

I have a 2000 Venture 3.4L 81K miles. The temp rises at a stop and cools when driving. Coolant level is correct, and the system has been bleed few times. The thermostat has been replaced and te problem persists. The fans work aswell as relays. The temp sending unit is in question. What the average temp for the cooling fans to energize? Dealer says 230, I think that is WAY to hot. any thoughts?

Does the temp gauge rise all the way into the red when you’re stopped? If it’s not, then there may not be a serious problem. It’s possible that the radiator might be a bit plugged up, and thus not cooling as efficiently as it used to.

The temp sending unit isn’t a very expensive part to replace if you want to try it.

3/4 of the way up. rad is not plugged up you can see coolant moving and both hoses get hot

Well, coolant can still flow through a partially plugged radiator. It’s just not flowing as strong as when new; and/or some of the cooling fins might be bent.

The coolant temp sender can be tested with a multimeter to check its resistance at certain temperatures. You’d need a spec sheet to compare it to…you might find one in a Haynes or Chilton’s repair manual. As temperature increases, resistance decreases…if the resistance is dropping too much at normal operating temperatures, the gauge will read hotter than it really is.

In addition to Budd’s suggestions, coolant flowing through a radiator that’s been coated with residue over the years will not dissipate heat as well as it should.

Considering what’s been done so far, I’d be thinking of a new radiator.