Vent fan does not work

So its starting to turn into winter here in Buffalo, and my car decided to quit on me when it come to turning on the heat.

When I turn the fan speed to any speed nothing happens. Luckily my vents always let a little heat into the car when the fan setting is off. But when the windshield becomes fogged up that wont really help.

One other thing is occasionally on a tight turn or a bumpy road it will go on, now that has stopped entirely.

I’m thinking there is a lose connection somewhere, but I was wondering if anyone has any other theories.

Car 1999 Kia Sephia 130,000 miles

… or a bad switch or blown fuse. (Note: a blown fuse does not mean it had a bad fuse, it means there was some kind of problem that caused the fuse to blow)

I checked the fuse, it was fine. I guess I’ll check to see if it is a bad switch.

That’s a classic symptom of either a bad blower motor (brushes are failing) or a loose electrical connection. Find the connector at the blower motor and test for voltage there (when the key and the fan switch are on). If there is voltage, then you need a new blower motor. If there is not, then you have a bad switch, electrical connection, or fuse.

Along with the other suggestions the trouble may also be with the blower relay. It is a common trouble that acts just like the trouble you are having.

I’d start there - the blower motor is almost certainly under the glove box. Shove your pass side seat all the way back, roll over on your back and shove your head up under the dash. Look for/wiggle/check any electrical connections that you see. If you need to actually pull the blower motor, you’ll also be doing it from down there.

I would suspect the blower motor, May be a dead spot in the communtator, whatever it’s called. Sometimes just bumping them or going over a bump will cause then to run a little.