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2006 Buick rainier problem again

went to turn car off and vents kept blowing air even after car turned off and key out. Replaced the blower module and that didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong? Kinda cold out, would like some heat…PLEASE!!!

2 Problems Or 1 ?

Blower Fan Won’t Turn Off?
No heat (HVAC air temperature only cold)?


Does the blower EVER shut off after you remove the key? For example, does it finally shut off after 20 minutes, for example

Many GM vehicles are programmed, so that after 20 minutes, for example, all accessories will be shut off. In case your kid turned on the dome light, for example. In case you forgot to properly close the door, for example.

Also, many GM vehicles are programmed with an afterblow feature. Meaning the blower comes on after you shut off the vehicle. This is to prevent microbial growth on the hvac evaporator coils

Does the hvac control module work correctly? Does air come out where you want it? Do the blower speeds match what you requested? Does the temperature control work correctly?

In regards to the “blower module” . . . are you talking about the blower itself? aka the squirrel cage

Are you talking about the blower relay or resistors?

Are you talking about the hvac head unit . . . the pushbuttons and knobs that are in the dash?

If you’re talking about the hvac head unit, that may need to be properly set up with a scan tool

When I got back in the car after the dealership did a test drive, the front vents were blowing out air full blast which drained my battery, and had to take fuse out for it to stop.Sounded like blower motor module but that didn’t work replaced it tonight, did we do something wrong?

Not blowing anything now


Based on what you’ve said so far, it sounds like the blower never did shut off, because the battery was dead.

And it also sounds like you replaced the blower

However, the blower is most likely the symptom, not the root cause. The blower motor has no kind of logic. It just turns on and off, based on the signals it receives.

In other words, somebody with a multimeter needs to diagnose this. And an hvac wiring diagram and scan tool would also be helpful.

can I assume the blower is not doing anything now, because the fuse is removed?

Or did you reinstall the fuse, and now the blower doesn’t turn on at all?

We originally took. The fuse out to stop it . When we replaced the part we put the fuse back in. Can change fan speed and temp but nothing is blowing from anywhere

Blower not turning on at all

db gave you some good ideas to try to chase down, but you side stepped those. While we all want a quick and simple answer to our problems, we do need information and need to follow a process to find the problem. Like db says the blower is the symptom, something else is causing the problem. Take a look at the ‘Mechanics Files’ at the top of this page and find a local independent shop to take the car to. They will have to do some investigating to solve the problem with the car in front of them.

The HVAC control module controls the blower motor control module.

If you’ve replaced the blower motor control module, the problem might be with HVAC control module.


If the blower motor is controlled by a relay, sometimes those will stick. Are you able to post a link to an electrical schematic of the hvac blower system ?