2006 Kia Spectra only blows air/heat when I hit a bump in the road

When I turn my car on, my AC/ heat won’t blow until I hit a speed bump or a pot hole. Then it starts blowing like normal. On hot summer days, I have to drive around looking for a speed bump to hit just for it to come on.

Check the connection on your blower moter step 1 in my book.


I guess you mean the blower does not come on. That would lead me to think your blower motor is failing. Try this, with the car in park, turn on your AC, set the fan on high, then rap on the fan motor (if accessible) with the handle of a screw driver. If
It starts running, your fan motor is failing.

Barkydog and I were replying at the same time, yes follow his suggestion first.


A defective blower motor can cause the problem. Locate the blower motor. When it doesn’t come on, tap in the blower motor with a screwdriver handle or something similar. If the motor then comes on, you need to replace the blower motor.