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Vent cover

How to open vent cover in the rear seats

How to interpret OP’s question…


@Badawi, is the vent at the back of the console, on the floor, side walls, or ceiling? I see two vents at the back of the center console in photos, but I’m not familiar enough with it to know if there are any others. Also, what year and trim level is your Pilot?

I’d start by opening the owners manual. Lots of good stuff in that book. But that’s just me.

Two vents at the back of the console, my pilot is 2006 LX…I’ve searched the manual but no help…

The vents are molded into the back of the console. You have to remove the entire back piece to get at the vents. These pictures show the part:

The photo of the inside isn’t magnified enough to show if it is held by clips or screws. If it’s clips, you can pry it off. If screws are use, you have to get the top of the console off or possibly remove the whole console.