2009 Pontiac Vibe - What are these things called?

What are/were the vents behind a car’s rear window called. I’m thinking they help with the flow of air in cars. also think they were more of a pre-1980s thing. I didn’t have them on my '86 Soob, but I had them on my '83 Mazda RX-7. On the back of the B pillar. My Vibe doesn’t have them.


Some are real. Others are fakes, the draw air from inside the car, on some cars.

Thanks, but do you know the name of them?

The one on the left is named Ralph and the one on the right is Ed .


Cabin vents or cabin exhausters.

On modern cars they are located behind the rear bumper cover.

Vents is the name

Couldn’t resist eh? Here I thought you were going to be nice.:smile:

Here is the exhaust vent location on a BMW, but it is essentially similar on other makes.

Wow! This is an excellent explanation, I really appreciate it.

I have my answer, thanks again to VDCdriver. I wondered, how behind the rear bumper cover, but I see now. The photo also explains when driving over horse manure, the odor gets all over you car. LOL I do not drive on farms, but I was raised on a farm. Thanks to all who replied.

I don’t know how many years Ford offered it, but 1966 Thunderbirds had the vent behind the rear window and there was a lever inside the car to open and close the vent.

On most cars they were called decorations

The interior air exits though those vents, the air enters though the HVAC system.