Heater fan i. 65 pontiac bonneville

Anybody know the best way for me to access my heater fan? it works. i can hear it. and i got into the box that has valve/door that changes direction of air from “heater” to “defrost”. i wedged it open (controls dont work) to be on defrost always… and so it does sorta blow out of defrost…kinda. seems like somethings not lined up. i think that if i just got to fan and sprayed/lubed the hinges and fan area, that it would fix itself. or i could at least see whats up. the fan seems to be blowing hard but i just get too little air movement for that much fan. but i dont want to ruin or break anything. as u know parts grow rather delicate after 60 years. i dont know where the fan is actually located. is this a “get into the dash” situation or can i go in underneath where the directional doors are? thank you in advance! i love this place.

I can’t say positively about your particular car, but heater fans on GM cars of that era were typically easily accessible from under the hood, on the passenger side of the firewall. As for the rest of the controls, you’ll just have to crawl under the dash and figure it out. They were manageable, could be repaired without removing the entire dash.


Does it have a/c?

You can find diagrams for your car by googling 1965 bonnevile heater fan location.

Click on images. You’ll see a few.


The right front fender liner has to be moved out of the way to gain access to the blower motor on the firewall on that car.



Any of mine up to the 80s were accessible easily from under the hood. Even the heater core was easy but don’t remember now if it came out under the hood or under the dash.

If you don’t have one, pick up a chiltons to cover that year. It’ll include other makes but have illustrations and instructions for common issues. Why they include engine over haul information who knows? Maybe a carryover from the 40s.

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I looked the info up from my 1964-1968 Chiltons manual, and it’s behind the right fender liner.


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I did not doubt you were correct.

no a.c.no in this car.

so the fan appears/sounds like, to be behind the red circled area. but by fender liner your referring to the yellow circled area right? the red circled area looks like it has a gasket as well. looks like i can remove red circled area without removing yellow but itll be tight to work on it. do you mean for me to remove it (yellow) for room to maneuvre or is there other stuff ill need to get too under the fender liner…thank you kindly

at first i didnt think so because the sound was coming from the right of this cyclinder (part circled in red in last pic) but i’m guessing that’s a trick of sound and this is actual fan. which makes it VERY hard to get to without removing fender liner.

The circled in red is the cover for the heater core.

The other circled in red is the blower motor.


So pull the fender liner…

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thank you! u always know what your talking about.

…sigh. yes. was just hoping to avoid.