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Vehicle Will Not Start

I have a 2000 Infiniti I30t that will not start. I’ve tried to jump it and it won’t do anything. I’ve had the battery checked and it is fine. I was told that it is possible that the fusible links have blown, but I’ve checked both main links and they are fine. Any possible solutions? Thanks in advance.

Are you saying the starter isn’t working? Does anything happen when you turn the key? Any lights, radio? Does the starter work?

Are the battery cables connected correctly at BOTH ends?

Need more information.

When I turn the key, it may click once but nothing more than that. I do not get any lights on the dash, nor does the horn work. The battery cables are connected properly on both ends.

There is a main fuse, like 80 AMP in the fuse block under the hood. There should also be smaller fuses that feed power under the dash. You’ll need to check all fuses, and replace any that are blown before proceeding.