Infiniti i30t will not start

I have am 1999 Infiniti i30t. My car will not crank/start up. What I think I’m hearing is the alternator buzzing when I try to start it. We have tried to jump start it, no success. jump starting the battery got it going but it would only last about 5 minutes before it was dead again. Help please? I have no experience on cars.

Someone needs to check the battery condition and the charging system.


You are probably hearing the starter selinoid.

How old is the battery. You can take the battery to many parts stores and they can test it.
If you continue to jump start the car with a completely drained battery you can damage the charging ststem.


Well when I try to start it there really isn’t a buzzing sound it’s more clicking sound when I turn the key

Ok I will try that and thank you for the help and advice