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No power to igniton switch, windows, dash lights

Hello all,
My car is a 1997 Infiniti I30 (base model, automatic) and initially I had intermittent starting problems (no click or turnover but dash lights would come on), so I replaced the ignition switch and everything worked in a couple of test starts. And here is where the real problem begins…my not-so brilliant self end up crossing over some of the soldered connections when I went to screw it into the "steering column’ and of course I had neglected to disconnect the battery.

So there was a quick spark and now the car wont start/turnover, no dash lights come on (except for speedometer backlight), no radio, no a/c, no clock, and no window power. The few things that actually do work are the interior lights, headlights, and power/remote locks.

I’ve checked all of the ‘obvious’ fuses and even swapped back the old ignition switch but to no avail. Any help or advice from the community will be greatly appreciated.

Some of the fusable links may not be as obvious to find. I’d check those and go to town with a multimeter, tracing wires through.
Creating that inadvertent short, you may have cooked a critical wire that is now open.
It can be like finding a needle in a mountain of needles but persistence will get you there, no doubt.

This could be helpful to you, as you can get the schematic to your car here:
To get in, enter barcode 02378001078755

So I got everything working. The wiring diagrams from power library led me back to what I thought I had eliminated. One of the 30 amp “cartridge” fuses in one of the fusable link boxes was blown. As I said I thought I had eliminated that as a possibility, I had checked it through the little window on the fuse itself and the connection looked to be intact. Of course I was mistaken (fortunately) and it was as simple as swapping the fuse.
I’m sure I’ll be back to the forum as my mileage continues to climb, 240,000 and counting!! (but running better than most cars at 100,000)

Thanks RemcoW for the lead and for the link.

Great - glad you got it running again.