Starting problems

I have a 2000 Infiniti I30T (124,475 miles)with NO engine light on, however, the car on occassions will not start until 3 to 5 attempts as of late. Sometimes the car will start on its first or second attempt. I usually get silence or a quiet hissing noise on each attempt. This problem occurs in cold or warm weather. Battery, Ignition, Altenator, and Starter tested good by Autozone and techs at Meinekie. Before I bring to the dealer and incur a high expense, any idea as to what the problem is?

Auto trans, when it doesn’t start, hold the key in the start position and move the shift lever around in the park gate to see if its the park/neutral switch. If a stick, press the clutch down harder or pump it to see if its the clutch safety switch.

It could also be the ignition switch.

Thanks for the info, I will try your suggestion…