Vehicle too low / Air Suspension Fault

My 2004 Jaguar XJ8 Message Center alternatively displays the message ?Vehicle Too Low? and ?Air Suspension Fault?. The vehicle?s frame in the front is only about 2? above the ground and become un-drivable on the road. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery or driving slowly on a flat surface such as a parking lot did not clear the messages. Is the problem related to the shocks, relays, and/or compressors? What would be the fixes, and what would be ballpark cost? Thanks.

I’m not even a mild Jag expert (somewhat familiar with air ride though) but you will have to get the car scanned and/or get someone who knows about air suspension problems.

If you can hear the compressor run and the vehicle will not lift then there’s an obvious leak; air line, air bag, and sometimes the problem is no more serious than leaking O-rings at the bag solenoids.
It could also be caused by an electronic glitch; ride height sensor, etc.

If the compressor does not run then it’s possible that years and moisture may have done it in after saturating the drier.
At this point there’s no way for anyone here to even determine where the problem lies.