2005 Jaguar XJ8 - Air suspension light

air suspension fault car too low light is on

Air suspension is broken, light is on telling you this, time to fix it.

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As Mustangman said. Could be a leak in an airbag or airline or a failing compressor or a combination of any/all of the above.
Or an electrical problem.

What usually happens with air suspension after it ages is that the rubber bags begin to dry rot. Usually the rot is where the bag folds.

IF this is the case then you’re probably looking at replacing all of the bags because dry rot will affedt them all.

I have no relationship with this company but you might check American Air Suspension. They not only offer replacement air suspension parts but also conversion kits where you can eliminate the air ride and replace it with “normal” suspension components.

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Maybe replace the whole system with steel springs from these folks;


Full disclosure… I have a good friend that engineers these systems at Arnott. He is one of the best in this business.

I had an issue regarding a rear conversion kit with Arnott once so I can’t say that I’m terribly enamored of them.