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Suspension mercedes wagon

I have a 2004 mercedes e class wagon. i am second owner. since i had it in 2007 the panel showed a car with an arrow pointing upward. the message recommended maintenance. none, even mercedes mechjanics could figure out the isue. now in 20112 i know what it is. the car sinks low in th e rear. the message on panel tells me to stop car too low. i tookit to a foreign car expert. they tell me air bags in rear lift the car. they said ithe bags leak. the cost would be 1200.00 per side. I cant afford now so i just start and restart the car till it wakes up and lifts. does anyone have an opinion on whether thias is the correct diagnosis.


Cannot tell without doing a diagnosis whether this one is correct, but I can tell you that it’s logical. It’s also possible that the air compressor or one of the sensors is defective.

If it was leaking bags I wouldn’t expect restarting to fix it. Sounds like it might be a bad connection, or relay, or failing pump, or…

Try and find another MB mechanic to diagnose it.