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Vehicle Title

A friend and I jointly owned an Airstream motor home, registerd in Oklahoma. He held the title. When I moved to Oregon, he gave me a letter (not notarized) that gave me 100% ownership, but he failed to give me the title. The vehicle has remained in my possesion unregistered and undriven for several years. Now I cannot find him in Oklahome (or elsewehere). Can anyone suggest how this can be resolved to enable me to register or sell it?

Well-meaning people on this site will give you their opinion of what to do, but if they are wrong, you will have legal problems that are avoidable.

Whenever something with legal implications comes up, it is best to consult those who deal with this type of issue every day, and in this case, that would be the folks at the DMV in your state. It is even possible that there are FAQs on their website that will help you. If not, then you will have to place a phone call to their offices. But, either way, you will have pretty good assurance that the information is valid.

You need to contact the DMV in your state.

I agree. Your state’s DMV is the place to ask this question. I don’t think too many of us here are qualified to give legal advice.

It seems to me that if both names were on the title your job will be a lot easier.

I’m going to add that you should also contact the DMV in Oklahoma. They should have a record of the vehicle’s registration, and you may have to get the two DMVs to cooperate.

Good luck.

Thanks very much