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Terrible time trying to title this VAN

I have a van that I’ve owned for a couple years now but I never got the title for it.

It’s still legally owned by someone else.

I don’t have contact with that person any more nor do I have a bill of sale.

Is there anything I can do? I live in Louisiana but the vehicle is licensed in Montana. I would like to move across country as soon as possible but I really want to have a title, registration, tags and insurance before I do so.

Wondering how you got the van without a bill of sale or having the title transferred. You will need an attorney to get this mess cleaned up.

Every state does things differently so you will have to contact the LA DMV and find out what their procedures are.

It’s difficult to say what will happen on this because there are things that are unknown to us; whether the vehicle has a history of being stolen or another sticky issue such as a lien that may be in place on the van.

You also might contact the Montana DMV and ask about the vehicle after providing them a VIN. Without going too deep into details, someone I know (in OK) had a question about a vehicle history earlier this year. This vehicle was titled in Nebraska and there were some hazy questions about who the real owner was, if a lien was in place, etc. This person got a response back from the Nebraska DMV and everything was as represented so this was resolved pretty quickly.