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30 year old written reciept

I purchased a car without a title,the only thing I had to go on was a written reciept with a name,after 30 years i was able to contact origional owner.but he has no registration or tags or insurance card but he was the last titled name wat can i do about mv and gettin new title

any short cuts on how to get title ,without 20 steps and they are rediculous steps

You will have to contact the local DMV in your state as laws vary from state to state. The procedure can be mildly irritating to a royal pain in the neck, all depending.

In OK it’s called a Title 42 and while a little bit of an irritant it’s doable at least.

Just to be on the safe side in case there has been any shenanigans over that period of time, I would stash the car back somewhere out of sight and make double sure that it’s not a hot sheet somewhere, has a lien (or multiple liens) against it, etc.
At this point it should only be let out to the DMV or whomever that you’re interested in, not in possession of, this car.

  1. Contact the DMV and/or the state police in your mystery state of residence.
  2. Ask the DMV and/or state police personnel about how to resolve your titling problems.
  3. Do exactly what the proper authorities tell you to do.

That is about as brief and concise as I can be on this topic, and nothing that I have suggested is rediculous (sic).

thanks for your ideas will look into title 42

Do you reside in Oklahoma?
If not, when you mention Title 42 to a DMV clerk in your state, you are likely to get only a blank stare.

You need to follow the rules and regulations in the state where you reside, and you have still not revealed that detail to us.

VDCdriver is correct. My reference to Title 42 is for OK only. Other states will likely have something similar but it would be referred to as something completely different.

There are also some title companies out there that MAY be able to help on this although I have never used them. Several of them are in Alabama and Arizona. A net search should provide info on this and make sure that your state DMV will accept those company procedures before you pay a fee for the title service from those companies.

Bite the bullet and turn it over to a “title service”. Just think of it in the same vein of having to buy a special tool for a tough job.

In my state you would file for “lost title”. I’m not sure it that’s the 20 steps your talking about or not.

In some states you would want to get a junkers permit, and then re-title the car.

A few states do not require or issue titles after 20 years…Alabama is one of them. Paperwork brokers will obtain an Alabama registration and plates in your name and mail them to you. Your DMV will then register and title the car in your state without requiring a title since Alabama does not issue titles on cars that old…You may have to have a police officer certify that the VIN number on the car matches the one on the Alabama registration…

Be sure, really SURE the VIN is “clean” because if it turns up as stolen, all your efforts will have been in vain…Be sure the VIN plate shows no signs of having been tampered with. Hemmings Motor news will have ads for “title services”…

Your post was as clear as mud. You just purchased a 30+ year old car? You purchased a car 30 years ago and just found out the last titled owner? No one can give you a hint without knowing what state you live in and it sounds like you have already found out what you need to do. You just don’t want to do it. Never buy a car without a title without knowing the consequences.

Ask your DMV not us. Why can’t you just apply for a duplicate title before or after you transfer ownership? Titles do get lost from time to time and they have procedures to deal with lost papers.