Vehicle stalls and won't start

I have a Jeep Wrangler 2000, 4.0 litre, 5 speed manual transmission. It has 104,000 miles looks and used to run great. I was clearing my property and my son was pulling a small log with the Jeep. He isn’t real good at a stick so I thought he could get some practice. While pulling the log he lugged it down until it stalled without giving it any gas. It wouldn’t start until later on that evening and acted as if it was flooded. I finally got it in the garage and parked it. It starts ok, runs a little rough than smooths out. Sometimes it will run well and other times it will stall like it is running out of gas or the ignition is off. I finally got it to run long enough to drive it to the gas station and was going to gas it up since it only had a quarter tank. I was only able to put $2.50 gas in the tank and acted like it was full, gas coming out. I drove off and a short while later it stalled and had to walk home because it would not start and if did start would stall. Later my son and I went to get it and I babied it home.

Is it stalling when using the clutch?

I would think it would be a good idea to check the computer to see if it has any stored error codes. Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts and some other parts stores will do this for free, if you can get the car to them.

I wonder if the vent system (vapor recovery) may be bad, it sure sounds like it. It would have not had anything to do do with the clutch, but maybe just at the same time or it may be a second problem.

When driven over rough terrain, the undercarriage components may have hit something. The gas tank filler tube may have hit something, and been damaged. A fuel line may have been dented. Examine them. If you haven’t changed the fuel filter recently, do so now.