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Jeep runs roughly then stalls at idle and stalls going up steep hills

My jeep has an automatic transmission. Occasionally while at idle my jeep will start shaking and then stall. And when driving up steep hills if I’m not driving fast enough it feels like its about to stall. It seems to run better on premium grade gas. Could this be as simple as needing a new fuel filter?

Yes, it could. But I’ll take a wild guess st some things. You posted a question that basically says “my Jeep is running badly” and you didn’t give its year, it odometer mileage or any information on maintenance. You got a fuel filter idea from somewhere. The wild guess I have is that you probably don’t really do much to it other than the occasional oil change, and that it is long overdue for very basic maintenance items (such as a fuel filter).

My guess may be wrong, but my initial advice would remain the same - spark plugs, wires, fuel & air filters. In addition to that, pull out the owner’s manual and look for any other maintenance that is due.

do you have the MIL on ?

it’s a 1995 with over 200k but the engine was completely rebuilt 5k ago. I haven’t had this particular vehicle longer than a month so I don’t really know much about the maintenance history.