1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Stalls

A week or so ago we started the Jeep up and let it warm up before leaving for work. When we put it into reverse it promptly stalled. It would then crank but not turn over. After letting it sit for a couple hours it then started fine and has run fine since.

Today just a few minutes ago I started the Jeep and drove it to the front of my complex to drop my son off to the bus, after getting back into it I went to put it in reverse and it stalled. Once again it cranks but won’t turn over.

We initially had thought fuel line freeze the first time, but this time it seems odd having been able to drive it a short distance first…

This time it started after 1 hour when I tried, and ran fine afterword

Behaviour occurred again tonight after sitting outside at work, put Jeep into reverse after starting it and it stalled.

First, you should report the mileage on the vehicle, specify which engine it has (6 or 8 cyl), and as much detail as you can about the state of basic maintenance items (plugs, wires, filters, etc).

The next time it stalls hold the gas pedal to the floor while you turn the key. Let up as it fires, if it does.

215,000 miles
v8 engine - serpentine style

What else happens when the key is turned but wont start? Do you have a tow package installed? Could there be a short? The reverse issue seems to scramble something but not so much it wont restart eventually. This never happens any other time? Can you disconnect the battery for 2 min and try to restart?

I do not believe it has a tow package installed. It has happened 3 times so far seemingly random, but only after sitting overnight.

The next time it happens I will try the battery idea and see if that does anything.

When this happens after it stalls, it just cranks, with no indication that it wants to turn over.

Regarding the possibility of a short, we just replaced the fuel relay sensor as it was shorting out 1.5 months ago. We replaced the battery first, car would start and ran fine for about an hour, then the voltage drained fast. We replaced the alternator after that and the truck would not even start. Took it to the local mechanic and they found the issues with the FRS and replaced it and it runs very well now aside from this stall issue which did not exist before that.