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Vehicle speed sensor

Has anyone ever had any experience with an intermittent fault on a vehicle speed sensor? Could this cause a vehicle to just cut out while traveling at highway speeds and then restart after a few minutes, only to cut out again once the vehicle gets back up to speed? The vehicle in question is a 2000 Chevy Malibu LS 3.1 engine.

The VSS will not cause the engine to stall.
Is the check engine light on, or has it been on? If so, you need to get the codes pulled and start from there.

Not really.
I’d be more inclined to suspect an ignition component, like perhaps a coil pack or an igniter.
Or perhaps a failing fuel pump that cannot keep the line pressure up when demand rises. Or even a plugged fuel filter.

No, there were no check engine lights when the vehicle would cut out. The vss plugs into the ignition module and if I unplug it when the vehicle is running, the engine cuts out. The engine would not cut out unless the vehicle was moving and the tachometer/transmission seemed to act up just before the engine would cut out. Any suggestions as to what it could be? I have checked the fuel pressure/pump, and that checks out OK. I assume that if it is not the vss then it is most likely one of the crankshaft sensors?

You may be right. Crank position sensors and camshaft position sensors can and do fail and cause the symptoms you’re experiencing. As do also coil packs and igniters.