Back in September, I posted a question about intermittent engine shut off on a 2000 Chevy Malibu LS. The car would start fine and I would have no problems, after about 1 hour of driving, the engine would just die. It would restart after a few minutes but then die after another 10 mins. No check engine light… My mechanic put a recorder on the OBD connection and drove the car around for a couple of days. Eventually, it showed a drop off of engine rpm signal which was causing the engine to shut off. Changed out the crankshaft sensor and all has been fine. (knock on wood)!

The crank position sensor is one of the first suspects anytime a vehicle shuts down out of the blue. Especially on a GM vehicle. They’re known for that.


I greatly appreciate your follow up post. Thank you for taking the time and glad that you got the issue taken care of.

And thanks to Tester for the tip - good as usual.