Global warming - combustion engines, NO - jet engines, YES

Electric vehicles will never adjust global warming. global warming is caused by JET ENGINES/SPACE ROCKETS. Developed in the 1940’s, these beasts produce tremendous heat. April 2021 just before lockdown ended, it was noted an improvement in the world climate. Because all those jets, thousands of them were grounded except military/government, emergency medical, and consumer goods shipping. The earths own cooling system, the glaciers and poles are melting, never to recover. And we the people are being misled to electric, solar, and wind. These are very minor helpers. It does not look good for earth and all those that are here. Thank you and please think about this. 2021-09-06T04:00:00Z

Take 30 cc of chemtrails three times a day for two weeks. Then your symptoms should subside.


Minor helpers ? Seriously . There are people who live in places where Solar homes can be Net Zero or close. What do you want , coal fired lectric plants ?


If symptoms don’t subside in two weeks double the dosage for two more weeks.


Please don’t feed the trolls.

They expel copious amounts of methane gas along with the CO2 from their blathering and you don’t want to encourage that as it adds to the problem.

If encouraged, they then become so dependent on public feedback endorphins they won’t leave their mom’s basements.


If we’re not being clear, this is nonsense, it’s the CO2 emissions, not the heat, that causes global warming.


It is the CO2, it is even more the methane, it is even MORE the water vapor since it is present in such great quantities. All naturally and unnaturally occurring.

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Welcome and while you’re correct that jets do contribute a significant amount to global warming, I’m afraid that your logic is faulty.

There’s certain applications where jets, IC engines and rockets are currently the only technological solution for a specific need unless we’re all willing to make dramatic changes in our lifestyle and I’m sure that very few are willing to make a business/vacation trip to Europe or Japan in a no pollution windjammer.or try to fly to the moon on gossamer wings.
But there’s no reason to give up trying or give up hope.

  1. There’s current technology that can reduce carbon emissions, that is rapidly improving, becoming more cost effective and will displace the existing technology in the forseeable future . i.e. Electric vehicles

  2. Then there’s unknown future technology that has reduced energy consumption and pollution. i.e. 100 watt lightbulbs replaced by 10 watt LEDs, energy sucking vacuum tube TV’s replaced by low wattage Flat Panels, 10 MPG cars replaced by 30 MPG cars, wind turbines replacing coal fired plants, the list goes on and on.

My point is that I’ve seen too many gloom and doom/end of the world predictions to lose any sleep over them.
We’re a remarkably adaptable species, though sometimes slow to learn and remarkably stupid, but eventually we listen to the smart ones among us so go ahead and sign that 30 year mortgage. :wink:



I believe this is the first TROLL we have had for a while and hope it is the last but I know that will not happen. I think maybe the floods from Ida may have washed them out from under their bridges.

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For those that are curious, here are some numbers from the DOT for the GHG emissions by type, a few years ago. Aircraft are a small fraction of the total:


Here’s more current info, lots of it:
Fast Facts on Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions | US EPA

Aircraft are 10% of transportation, which is 29% of the total for 2019. So aircraft are 2.9% of the total.

Nothing like starting another hot political thread. Making me hungry for a hamburger though. As we listen to all the beautiful people and ex perts, just don’t kill all the trees in the process. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple people sailing to China in their wind powered sail boats though. Gotta go start the grill.

the only one making it political is you. It’s science facts vs non-facts. Unless you consider that political.


if people are worried about global warming and the effects on earth they should start worrying about our Reefs . the coral reefs play an important role in creating the conditions that allow our oceans to produce oxygen . This oxygen not only gives life to the sea creatures underwater, but also to all creatures on land, including us. As much as 85 percent of the air we breathe comes from marine plants.

Yeah well it’s theory not facts so pushing a particular theory, particularly at this point in time, is political.

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And you can drill down even farther, because eliminating all jets would be less effective than eliminating private jets.

A fully-loaded commercial airliner gets better mileage per passenger than a Honda Civic. Sure, it’s drinking the fuel down, but it’s also getting hundreds of people to their destinations. If you want to get 350 people from LA to NYC, then if you can get them all to carpool you can do it in 88 Honda Civics using around 23,000 gallons or you can do it in one Airbus A330 and use 750.

At the end of the day, the Airbus will get them there faster, and use less fuel.

On the other hand, a Gulfstream carrying 2 parents and their kid across the country to Vail is using one hell of a lot of fuel to accomplish that job. We’d be better off taking on the low volume / high fuel burn segments of aviation than going after the tubeliners.

It’s both theory and facts, unless you think gravity is fake too. After all, that’s just a theory. The only political statements here are coming from you, because you are denying science to push an agenda. Actual verified facts are apolitical.


For those who recall Louis Malle’s film, Atlantic City, one of the most memorable lines was uttered by the “Hippie Chick” who said… I don’t believe in gravity.

Scientific theory is a hypothesis based on observable SCIENTIFIC FACTS. It’s testable and repeatable. Many theories throughout science have fallen away when it was proven that it wasn’t true. When ever a theory is postulated - scientists all over try to DISPROVE that theory. Relativity has stood the test of time for 100 years. It’s been tested and retested and tested. Global warming has also stood up to many many tests (thousands world wide). That’s exactly what science is. Gravity is a Scientific theory. I believe that gravity is real. Relativity is a Theory…but your GPS won’t work correctly if the engineers didn’t take apply relativity to the equation.

Einstein’s Relativity and Everyday Life | PhysicsCentral

Here’s a few theories that didn’t make it.

Gravity is verifiable because it’s repeatable. Throw a brick in the air, it comes back down. The theory of climate change, much further, apparently totally man induced climate change, further still, man induced catastrophic climate change (and that’s where I believe it gets political)…well that’s going to be a little more difficult to prove or disprove.

No gravity is NOT that simple. In small gravity fields on earth you can test easily. But gravity get’s weird in very very large fields like around Black Holes. The equations don’t work the same.

Gravity: It’s Only a Theory | National Center for Science Education (

Global warming will never be proven as a law until it actually happens. And then it’s too late. Science is science weather you believe it or not. There are several scientific theories on Global warming. Most relate to each other. But the VAST VAST majority of scientists around the world believe in global warming as a fact. When the theory was first proposed it was laughed at by much of the scientific community. But as scientists all over the world set out to debunk the theory their tests overwhelming showed that global warming was happening and man made. And scientists are still trying to disprove the theory - with little to zero success. That’s the way science works. Has been for centuries.