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Vapor canister

I need some help!

I had the 1457 code come up on my 1999 Acura. My gas cap is loose or the vapor canister is leaking. I checked the gas cap and it’s ok and I’m thinking the vapor canister has a problem.

With help from my owner’s manual, my son and the internet I now know what the vapor canister is and what it does with emissions.

I am planning to get this problem checked out at my local repair shop and or as a last ditch option, take it to the Acura dealership.

My question is… can I drive my car for a short time until I can get this repaired without having any damange done to the engine or any other car parts?

Also, do I need to take this to the dealership or could I choose the local repair shop which would most likely save me big bucks.


Yes, driving it will do no harm.

Yes, any competant shop can repair this.

I would go for a shop with a “smoke machine” not all have invested.

Thanks for your advice.

It’s probably leaking in the hoses and fittings between the tank and the canister. If you can find the canister, check all the hoses you can find/see that are connected to it…“Winter driving conditions” can cause ice to collect on the hoses back by the gas tank, sometimes getting so heavy it pulls them loose…

If you are in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill up, then it likely is the canister, if not, then it is more likely to be a cracked hose or other hose leak.

No need to go to the dealer for this as I believe a 1999 is past warranty.