OBD II code P0457

On a Taurus yr 2000 (24 valve engine) the service engine light comes on sometime. The above code is a frequent occurance if you leave your gas cap loose or off. that is not the case here. I am suspecious of a small hose being loose or leaking. The code describe the fault as “evaporative emission control system leak detected”

Where is the fuel vapor storage cannister located on this car?

Any other ideas as to the cause of the problem?


The canister system is located by the gas tank.


Yes, The gas cap being loose or off are two possibilities. But the the cap also has a gasket on it and this has to seal onto the top of the filler neck which needs to be clean & smooth with no real damage - no nicks, dents, etc. So make sure you look at that too before you go digging for the canister.

If that does all check out, then you do need to check all of the vacuum hoses from the tank to the canister, and then from the canister to the intake. I can’t say for certain where it is on this vehicle, but it is normally crammed into somewhere near the front fender wells. (On my Escort it is on the driver’s side down under the air cleaner box). Look carefully from top & bottom.

If you go to Autozone’s website (www.autozone.com) and register you can probably pull up and online repair guide that will likely give you the location complete with diagrams. You can also pull up an actual picture of the canister by doing a parts search.

In any case, problems in the vacuum lines/connectors is most likely.

Have the code erased at Auto Zone, or other auto parts store. Smear petroleum jelly on the cap rubber seal. Drive for a couple of days for the system to perform the check.
If you refill your gas tank with the engine running, doing that can set the light and code.