Evap cannister check engine code

OK I have a 2001 Acura 3.2 CL-S with 213,000miles.

I have been getting a cod for “evap-cannister” Now I have developed a misfire (general) Are the two related?

It is possible. If the charcoal bed is saturated or otherwise clogged the tank could develop a vacuum that would make it difficut to maintain fuel pressure. This could cause misfiring and even premature pump failure.

Exactly what are the codes?

Hi thanks for the help.
Codes are;
1399 - pd

Sorry and also;
1457 - pd

Has your mileage been suffering lately? You could have a vacuum leak where the vacuum plumbing connects to the canister.

Yes I believe so.
Thanks i will look for a leak.
If the canister is saturated, what can be done?

I’m not sure how the codes run on your Acura, but I think you may consider trying an new gas cap if you can’t find any apparent issues with vacuum connections.

P1457 is “unable to pull vacuum in tank”.
P1399 is “glow plug circuit high side high input”.

To clear the first code you’ll need to find the vacuum leak in the evaporative emissions system. That may require a “smoke test”, using a machine that pumps smoke into the air pockets in the system and the smoke comes out where the leak exists.

I’ll leave the second code for others to respond to. I’m unfamiliar with a glow plug on this application. Hopefully someone else here can help.