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Van wont start but wants to

I have a 2002 astro van we just replaced the battery and it’s been sitting for a few months were trying to get it started to take it to the repair shop to get the pitmon arm the idoler arm fixed but it wont start it wants to but I just wont there is fuel there is oil and the battery volt thing is in the middle of the fist half so 1/4 of the way up it’s about 40 degrees Fahrenheit today so I dont know what’s wrong with it

Does the engine turn over at normal speed, but fail to start?

Yes I believe so

Maybe no fuel at the engine after a long sit. Try the key dance: turn key to Run, wait a couple seconds and listen for the fuel pump to run. Key to Off then back to Run. Do this a few times then turn the key all the way to Start. Good luck.

Someone just told me it sounded like the spark plugs were flooded I dont know if that’s a thing

Could be. Floor the gas pedal and hold it while you crank the engine. But try the key dance first.

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Will flooring the gas hurt the vehicle

Thank u so much it worked thank u thank u thank u

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No. If the engine is flooded with excess gas, it brings lots of air into the engine and expels the excess gas out the tailpipe.

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These vans have a history of failing fuel pumps.I ditched my Astro because of that.

There could be a leaking anti-drainback valve in the fuel pump assembly, or a leaking injector. Either could cause a lack of fuel and fuel pressure at the engine. If you know the key dance and it does the trick, repairs are optional.