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Won't start unless

1995 Chevy Astro van, all of a sudden it will not start. SUPER deep cranking power on the battery. Wants to starp you get the va------without the room. over and ovver again. A 2 second burst of MAF cleaner walk around jump in she stars VAROOM and runs strong as an ox. Turn it off (either very cold or very hot ( hot = warmed up 18 mile drive) it will not start up by itself. changed the fuel filter tonight no change.

What should I check on. It runs perfect except start up. It has muscle just does not want to get going.

Sounds like a weak fuel pump. What can happen is with a borderline fuel pump it won’t create enough pressure at the 11 volts or so the battery supplies without the engine running, but it you prime the engine with starting fluid or similar it will create just enough pressure at the 14 or so volts the alternator supplies. It would be worth checking the fuel pressure, which I suspect will be just barely adequate, and the voltage to the fuel pump.

Do you know what the pressure should be or where to locate that information? I guess I need to aquire another new tool.