Van stopped with SUV inside

Photo courtesy of traffic stop by Okanogan Trooper Cunningham on SR97 MP290 (just south of Pateros

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What else is there to say?

Bryant said an Omak police officer made the initial stop and the driver of the U-Haul was cited for failing to secure a load with safety chains, which brings a $139 fine.

In addition, the driver’s license was suspended and U-Haul reported their truck was long overdue for return and was close to being reported as stolen when it was pulled over.

Both the U-Haul (at U-Haul’s request) and the non-working vehicle were impounded, Bryant said.

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Ok, that would get a 8/10 for creativity, a 1 for safety!

At least driver bought optional daily u-haul damage waiver. Did he use a valid credit card? Some folks are clever.

$10 says the driver tugged on that cargo strap and said, " Yep, that ain’t going anywhere."


I’m not sure I’d call that van “inside”…


It has a strap on it. :person_facepalming:t3:

I wonder why go to that extreme, and instead just tow the vehicle behind the truck. Or won’t U-Haul allow their trucks to tow another vehicle? It’s a fun photo/story in any event.

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I think he wants to be in the running for the DARWIN awards


That looks like a 12 footer. I drove the 16 foot version of a similar truck (Penke, not U-Haul) from Denver to San Francisco hauling household goods. Being somewhat of dimwit, it would just never have occurred to me to try to place a vehicle inside the truck. The driver must have a very creative personality.

Haven’t seen any comment’s from the driver but U-Haul has been strict about what you can tow their trailers with,

The truck was overdue for return, U-Haul dealers likely would not rent a trailer to them because of this.

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A casual friend of mine moved his 2 Corvettes from the southern CA area back to this neck of the woods a long time ago with a U-Haul truck. He owned a pair of 65s; one convertible and one coupe.

He backed the truck up to a dirt embankment, drove the conv. inside the truck, and hauled the other on a trailer. I doubt U-Haul would have approved of it.
Something had to get sold; cars or furniture and he made the right decision. Sofas and end tables are on every corner; 65 Corvettes not so much and much pricier.

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I had a couple of colleagues, a young couple that left eastern Indiana and moved to California. They loaded their car, a Yugo, into a U-Haul truck along with their household items.
At the time, I didn’t think moving the Yugo made sense as I thought that the Yugo wouldn’t pass California’s emission standards. I think they also had a Dodge Colt that they towed behind the U-Haul truck.

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I think an Indiana Yugo would pass Calif’s emissions standards. The requirement is the car pass whatever EPA requirements were at the time it was manufactured and in that configuration. The Yugo was presumably configured to meet Indiana’s requirements, and if I understand Calif’s emission testing process (which I don’t and nobody else does b/c it is nearly incomprehensible … lol ) but if I’m generally correct about how this is handled, Indiana’s standards are what Calif would test it to.

I had a coworker when I lived in another state and he was always saying he’d never move to Calif b/c his cars wouldn’t pass Calif’s emissions requirements. But I expect they would, provided they were running correctly. If his cars weren’t running correctly, common sense says he’d want to fixed anyway.

@George_San_Jose1 You are probably correct that the Yugo that was registered in Indiana could be registered in California. The couple brought the Yugo to Indiana from another state. This event occurred 33 years ago. There were no Yugo dealers in my community. Perhaps California would be a better fit for the Yugo.

Sure, we welcome Yugo’s here in California. However I don’t recall seeing one on the road for quite some time. But I’m not looking for them either. there may be lots of them put-putting around.

Oh oh, another of George’s stories … lol… I decided to watch all the James Bond films in order, current watching number 2 on the list, Russia w/Love. Set partly in Yugoslavia. Looks to be a very beautiful country. Bond has almost convinced me to visit Triest … lol …

There was a penalty/fee at that time for importing a vehicle with federal emissions into the state of California. There is no longer a penalty however a “new” (less than 18 months old) non-California vehicle cannot be brought into CA.

Tailpipe testing is not sensitive enough to measure the difference between a California and Federal emissions vehicle.

Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. Of course I’m not aware of anything involving Calif emissions testing, too complex of a subject for my limited mental abilities …lol …

As long as the Yugo fit inside with the door closed it probably wouldn’t have been stopped, neighbors who moved out of a huge house put one vehicle in the mover’s semi trailer while driving the other’s.