"Van" Name

Don’T Do It!!! I knew a boy named Tripp and he was teased incessantly! Anything but that!

How about Fourgonnette -its van in French

I think that they should use Evan as the first name. It works as both a boy or a girl name, and probably would not be questioned too much as to how they came up with it.

Perhaps Danslevan (in the van in French is dans le van)

The caller seemed pretty clear that she did not like the idea of naming her kid after the van - and that the father thought it would be “hilarious”. It wasn’t just that she couldn’t think of a good “van” name, it was the whole idea of naming the kid after their car. I don’t think they should name their child after an inside joke, and it really seemed the mom was hesitant to follow this idea too. If they want to memorialize their van, they can get tattoos. On the other hand, since the trip they took in the van was so important to them, perhaps they could find a name that relates to a place they saw that was particularly beautiful or meaningful to them. A place can have many levels of meaning, whereas a thing, a van, is like a one-liner - it would get old pretty fast. Perhaps there was a canyon, a river, a town or some particular spot that really holds a great memory for them, and that place might make a good and unique name. And when they tell their child how they come up with the name, it wouldn’t seem like such a joke.

How about Candide? He was also conceived in Westphalia.

Savannah would be a beautiful name for a girl.

If a boy, he could be named Ricardo Montalvan (last name).


I can’t stop!!!
Was the trip in May? June? July (Julie)? Autumn (girl) Spring (girl) Summer or Sommer (girl)
August? (Boy)

Baby Boy: Volk Wagner
Baby Girl: Vanessa Wagner

Vani - for a girl which translates to ‘one with a beautiful voice’ in Sanskrit

For a girl: Vanna (Vanna White is after a beautiful woman!)
For a boy: Vance

In general, however, I would agree with the comments by susanmb below. She makes a very good point: name the child after a particularly beautiful place that the couple visited on their trip.

By all means, please avoid “Vantasia” or the like…!!

Okay, I wasn’t going to add to this until I noticed the “bus” contribution… I had a '70 microbus, and I called it a bus, not a van… And my husband’s name is Barnabus. How about that?? By the way, I wouldn’t worry about the child being embarassed… being conceived in a VW bus puts him or her in good and plentiful company!! If you really want to solidify the name, try having a homebirth in there… (for more information, check out The Farm in Tennessee…)

if you gotta name an offspring after that memorable trip across Canada in a magic van, the has to be Tans Can Van. maybe your kid’ll look Viet Namese.

If it’s a girl… Ivana!

Lia sounds lovely. It can also be spelled the conventional way “Leah”. Either one is good.

Here in the South, Trip or Tripp is the nickname for “the third”. Any chance this baby’s father is a Junior?

My vote is for Evan - I picked that name for my son (now 10) and have never regretted it! He never got teased for that name, although his last name is a different story …

I really like Donovan because with a little loose translating from the Latin, it means “gift of the van.” It would be lovely as a girl’s name.