Van heater

we have a used 98 merc villager when we first got it, it had been sitting for 6 months. the rear fan did not work hardly at all. i played with the front switch by moving the switch back and forth quickly, after doing this a couple of times9 somewhat gently, it started to work, i figured it quit because the van sat. the fan stopped working again. the green indicator light on the rear control panel is lit, any suggestions? can it be a fuse? how can i check this out? it is starting to get cold in Michigan and my 11 year-old is shivering!!!

If the fuse has blown it shouldn’t work at all.

You’ll have to use a continuity tester and make sure there is power at the rear fan. If there is power and the connections are good but the fan won’t work, the fan may need replacing.
If it appears the fan needs replacing, remove it and have it bench tested first.

If you don’t have any wiring schematics you can check out your local library. Perhaps someone on here has one they can show you.