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1992 chev. G20 Rear heat

I understand the G20 came with a rear heater. Mine has no heater, hence the lack of overall heat. Was the heater on electricity or heater hose by-pass? Are hook up wires running behind the paneling? Thanks Polar bear Bear

Pretty much all vans with rear heaters have a unit in the back, behind the last bench seat on one of the side walls. A square-ish plastic cover with vent holes in it.

That’s the fan for the rear air. Tubing from the cooling system for the engine goes back to that unit to provide the heat. So it’s possible, depending on why you don’t have a front heater, that the rear heater will still function.

Thanks for the come-back. It is not that i have no front heat, just very little. While searching for answers i found out about the possibility of a rear heater. Will remove the panel in a day or two and have a look. Polar Bear

You shouldn’t have to remove any panel. Just open the back door and you’ll see it.

If you only have very little heat it’s fairly likely you have a blend door problem with the front heater. In that case the back should work.

To late! No visible signs of rear heater. (Square pannel with holes) Took rear panel off, no hoses from front. Please explain “blend door problem” Using 195 thermostat yet will not register over 60 on dash. Perhaps best case scenario would be a power inverter with electric heat?

Electric heat is out. A typical resistance electric heater consumes more power than can be supplied by the inverter.

First, make certain that the front heating system is working properly. As others have suggested, you could have a blend door that is not operating properly. When you have taken care of the heat in the front of the van, then see if this gives you enough heat for the rear of the vehicle. If not, it may be possible to add auxiliary heater for the rear. I have seen these in the J. C. Whitney catalog which you can access on line. Alternatively, you might be able to obtain a heater that would work from a junked school bus. These auxiliary heaters are hot water and would have to be plumbed into the cooling system of the engine.

I remember riding in school buses that only had heat in the front. In zero degree weather the rear seats were uncomfortable but not unbearable. In your van, if your heater is working properly, you may not have to add a rear heater.

OK, electric heat is out. We had a high of only + 8c yesterday and had lots of heat. Not so at -40 for 3-4 weeks at a time. Had the dash apart for several reasons but not for the blend doors. Slide controls are over as far as they go. I will take your suggestion of checking these doors. It is possible they are sticking open or something got wedged inside. The ugly worse case scenario is a plywood devider which i am trying to avoid. Thanks all!