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Van Entertainment System Makes A Squelching Suond

I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey Van. I brought it certified-used and it came with the Entertainment system installed. After being turned on for 20 to 45 minutes the headphones in the back emit a loud squelching static sound and if I turn them off I hear a slight buzz coming from the speakers.

The dealer has no idea what is causing this, and now they are trying to tell me that the Entertainment system is not theirs. It was in the van when I brought it and it is even described in detail in the owners manual. How can it not be theirs? They say it is third party equipment.

So, any idea what could be causing the noise and are they nuts claiming the entertainment system is not theirs.


It looks like the dealer couldn’t fix it if they were inclined to. You may have to find a radio nut. I knew one once but “Crash” has moved to another town. He fixed my chess computer. A real soldier of solder was he.

Is your goal to determine if your rear audio is factory installed? You may find that info at another dealer. Can you find a “build sheet” anywhere in the car? you may need a dealer to interpet.

Let’s say the rear audio is factory installed,now what? Obviously the Dealer doesn’t want or doesn’t have the people to work on audio systems (factory audio was one of my lines when I was with GM,including TV’s and rear audio).

Why would you want some one who doesn’t want to work on your car to do just that?

Are you trying for some “free” work based on the “certified” lable the car was sold under? Was this a official CPO car? (did you get a booklet stating what was checked/repaired?) With many official CPO programs (my experience was with BMW"s) the warranty time is extended on the car,and a extensive booklet of what was done to bring the car up to CPO standards is provided. What is your situation? Do you want help in directing a third party in fixing your audio?